About Us

Emerging Global Risk Management is owned and managed by Senior Director, Alvaro Madroñero.

Alvaro is a senior underwriting and marketing executive with over thirty five years of experience in the international insurance market, which has included numerous overseas and international assignments. His equally strong experience in the reinsurance and direct insurance sectors has included a broad spectrum of responsibilities which include: direction of underwriting in both the field and home office level, strategic marketing planning, brokerage activities, product development and organization of new operations.

His proven leadership abilities in an ever changing corporate environment paired with his strong interpersonal skills have allowed him to contract high quality clients on a global level. Alvaro continues to stay highly mobile and receptive to relocation with the inherent ability to readily adapt and identify with new cultures and settings. Most importantly, his client satisfaction has awarded him with a strong network of contacts and positive recognition throughout the international market among cedants, reinsurers and intermediaries.

Emerging Global Risk Management is in the business of building lasting connections between local insurers and international reassurance providers, placing protection where it’s needed most. We are currently providing a variety of services. 


Emerging Global Risk Management is making an impact in new international markets, providing the power of reinsurance to those who need it most.

The mission is simple--

We afford tailored support and guidance to reinsurers, insurers, insureds, and regional associations in key operational facets such as market entry, market expansion, market intelligence, product development, start up operations through identifying & establishing strong high synergy cooperation partnerships.