Emerging Global Risk Management wants to prepare insurers and their partners with the right information to succeed in the future. Our work in nations like Brazil and India has been incremental in identifying markets where proper risk management is lacking or needs revamping. It is our mission to partner our emerging clients with internationally renowned insurance and reinsurance organizations to get them the security they deserve.

Our Services

Consulting and Underwriting

  • Strategic Operational Solutions

  • Business Planning

We know that each business is unique, and in accordance with this, no single reinsurance plan will work for every company we’re involved with. By acknowledging this, we can better understand your ultimate goals by talking with the person that knows your business best—you. We are experienced, and prepared to tackle any questions or concerns you might have regarding your insurance needs. And while business is constantly shifting the ways it operates, we stay one step ahead, with the proper projections to keep you on track in a fast paced marketplace. We work for you, not the other way around, and it’s our pledge to keep you informed, secure and confident in our abilities as reinsurance experts.

Product Development and Market Immersion

  • Inventory Analysis

  • Industry Evaluation

  • Best Business Practices

Making sure that sure that you have the capability to market and deliver a great insurance product is what we do best. We know what it takes to get you the most cost effective, yet comprehensive reinsurance plan out there, without sacrificing quality along the way. Customizing a plan that gives you the reassurance you need is why we’re here. By tailoring your business options carefully and making educated, statistical choices regarding you key markets, we cut down on materials and other extraneous fees that can exist. Counting on Emerging Global Risk Management for all your product development and market entry concerns will leave you more prepared and ready to address your clients.

Start Up Operations and Successes Identification

  • Benchmarking

  • Education

  • Performance Assessment

We know that a company is only as strong as the strength of all its components, and by recruiting us for your in-house business assessment we can clearly determine what components are working and which aren’t. It is our mission to bring the power of reinsurance to emerging markets in Latin American, and part of this is identifying key factors that hold back insurance companies in the marketplace. The optimization of your insurance practice begins with analyzing current business practices and applying them to your personal business model. Employees and managers learn how to interact more effectively through the implementation of experts, like those at Emerging Global Risk Management, and we will make sure that you understand what each projection means before moving forward.

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