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Health Insurance Owensboro

Health Insurance Owensboro

If you are in the market for health insurance in Owensboro, there is no better place to rely on than the team at Worth Insurance. We pride ourselves in providing a personalized insurance experience that leaves nothing to be desired. Since 1974, our Kentucky based company has been serving the greater area with over twenty five different types of insurance. From life insurance to renter’s insurance and everything in between, our team at Worth Insurance can meet your needs without going over your budget.

We can provide you with an individualized insurance plan that will provide you with the coverage you need without any gaps. Insurance gaps can lead to expensive bills later on down the road that could have easily been avoided. Book a consultation with our insurance experts at Worth Insurance to learn more about how to get proper coverage.

More Than Just Health Insurance

At Worth Insurance, we are widely known for providing comprehensive health insurance that is effective and useful. However, we are a company that is capable of more than just health insurance. We can help with insurance that will protect you and your family from natural disasters. Natural disasters are nothing anything that home and business owners can predict, but they are things that you can be prepared for. Our team at Worth Insurance suggests the following disaster preparedness guide to help you if an emergency should arise.

  1. Emergency Supplies – The type of emergency supplies you will need depend on what kind of natural disaster has occurred. However, the basic emergency supplies never change. Consider creating a kit that includes a medical kit, bottled water, and nonperishable food items that will last you and your family for a period of three days. Other emergency supplies you might consider adding to your kit can include a battery powered radio and batteries for communication and news updates. A flashlight, blankets, and a canned food opener may also be items you will want to include in your kit.
  2. Family Emergency Plan – During an emergency, people often make the mistake of searching for others before seeking safety. Developing a family emergency plan can prevent family members from wandering off or getting lost in the storm. Your family emergency plan should include a safe meeting place, an evacuation plan, and a way for you to communicate with your family members if you should become separated.

Other Important Emergency Tips

  • You may want to consider turning off your utilities, such as your gas source, to prevent damage.
  • Invest in a two way radio in case cell phone reception or service is not available during an emergency. Having a way to communicate with rescue and medical teams can be a lifesaver during a natural disaster or emergency.
  • Review the family emergency plan often with your children to ensure they remember what to do in case something should happen.
  • Don’t forget to pack batteries for your flashlights and radios, or you might find yourself in trouble.
  • Don’t panic during an emergency. Remain calm until it is safe to reach out to emergency personnel.
Health Insurance Owensboro
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